Drug addiction is destroying society

The devastating impact that drugs and substance abuse is having on our society is alarming. Drugs have become a menace and a destroyer of lives in this modern world. Drug addicts are a liability to society. They are unproductive and burdensome. In order to support their drug habit, they may resort to any means - begging, stealing and involvement in criminal activities are common among them.

The harmful effects of drugs have impacted heavily on our youth, the family, the society and most importantly, on our Iman. Through the ‘Drugs Awareness Drive’ (DAD), Darul Ihsan intends to help and educate our society on the impact of this societal scourge.

Parents must know the dangers that drugs and addiction pose to our children and community. The drug problem can be covert and overt, it can manifest itself with various challenges. There are challenges that faced by our youth with which they need assistance and support. Communication with our kids is vital as the challenges they face are critical.

Have you heard the term ‘busting a bla’, ‘chasing the dragon’, ‘shooting up’, ‘beans and cheese’, ‘hit a mix’? Do you know what all of this means? These are terms that our children are accustomed to in schools and with friends.

As parents we have a responsibility - Let us not compromise the valuable lives of our children by concealing their drug habits. It is always easier to adopt a preventative approach by supporting and engaging our children on their challenges and fears. Prevention is better than cure.

The drug industry is a massive global cartel that is driven by money, supply and demand. The only way we can save our children is through the consciousness of Allah Ta’ala, education, strong values and Dua.

The key is to know your child - know his/her friends -  know his/her whereabouts.