Young people are vulnerable to influences of society , their friends, peer pressure, etc. Hence , a youngster may find that it is trendy to experiment with drugs and other unlawful acts of vice since ‘everyone’ does it and a little doesn’t harm. It gives a youth a feel good feeling and a sense of achievement and being grown up.

This is the lethal mistake that many young people make. Once the drug is tasted and the barrier of forbidden is broken, the pressure is always to continue with the feeling and excitement. It is coveted with a sense of achievement and bravery. Drug addiction dares one to deceive one’s parents and family and to get away with friends and fellow addicts. The thrill, excitement and high feeling makes a person more bold to continue on this newfound sense of greatness and fun.

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Muslims today face innumerable challenges that were not so prevalent a few decades ago. The avenues of vice have become very accessible and this has left many young Muslims vulnerable to the forces of vice and evil.

Due to the alluring environment, youth are easily distracted by activities such as  television, pornographic material, addiction to drugs and other harmful things that consume the good energy and time of the youth. Involvement in these vices lead one to disobedience of Allah Ta’ala and at times drives one towards criminal activity. Drugs and substance abuse has become one the biggest problems faced by communities worldwide. The harmful effects of drugs on our youth , the family , the society and most important , on our Imaan are disastrous and the consequences long lasting.

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