Good person but addicted to cocaine

Q. Many people have recommended to attend and follow your programme. I have a brother, Hafizul Quran, father of three boys who is addicted to cocaine.  We are having endless problems with him in that he goes missing for days - probably tied up at these drug dens and Maulana he is a good person with a good heart. My family and I (our parents and we are three sisters) are desperately trying to help him but it seems like there is no success.  I desperately require your advice as to the steps to be taken and more detail on the program that you run. Please make lots of dua for him.

1.)      Unfortunately this is a common problem. You and your family are not alone in the grief and trauma that follow  in the wake of drugs and other sins.

2.)      As for the programme that I have : My prescription has been published in a book entitled : Kicking the Habit. Alhamdulillah, it has been the means of many giving up their habits. My advice is that you give this to your brother to read when he is in a good frame of mind to understand the advice and prescription.

3.)      Dua is very powerful and can change any circumstance, so from your side and your family's side, dua should be made sincerely, for him to give up his bad habit.

4.)      May Allah Ta'ala guide him and grant him the courage to give it up, and protect the family from any more suffering.

5.)      You mention that Allah Ta'ala grant him back his Imaan. If he has not done anything which falls in the category of Kufr, then his sin of drug-taking on its own will not mean that he has lost his Imaan. However, there is the threat and danger of losing Imaan with such sins. .May Allah Ta'ala protect.

You should suggest to your mum that she and your brother go for counseling and try and overcome the experiences they have had. Drugs is no solution to any problem, so you should constantly advise your brother in the direction of turning to Allah Ta'ala. You could suggest that he downloads and reads the book "Kicking the Habit".

Maulana Yunus Patel