How to assist a drug addict

If there is someone in your family or close friend , who you suspect has a  problem with drugs , then it is our duty to assist and support. Some suggestions are as follows  :

(1)     Communicate. Don’t pretend that the problem will go away or that it cannot be happening in your own family. Parents and families must learn the art of healthy , open communication and discuss issues in an open, frank and friendly atmosphere. Even if things get heated in  a discussion, it is better to talk now rather than wait until your loved one is dead

(2)     Show sympathy. Even if it is to a stranger. The person who is addicted has a disease. He/she needs our help. There may have been a family problem that led the person to experiment. Or the person may have thought that it will be ‘fun’ just to try it out. No one deliberately says “I want to be a drug addict.” What they don’t realise is , that after the first taste of the drug , ‘you are hooked.” Instead of condemning them , offer counselling , moral support , send to drug rehabilitation and offer words of encouragement

(3)     Inspirational sermons. The Imams must speak out against this evil from the mimbars and discuss the devastating effects of  drugs on the individual , his family as well as on society .

(4)     Exciting alternatives. Muslim communities must provide alternative forms of recreation for our youth ; these could be community centers , sports , youth camps etc , where the youth can socialise in an Islamic environment and are then not tempted to experiment out of boredom

(5)     Devotion to Islam. The addicted youth should be encouraged to turn to Islam. There have been many examples of heavily addicted Muslim youth , who have been rehabilitated by turning to Islam. Today they are speaking from the mimbar about their experiences and are totally devoted to Islam. Allah (SWT) accepts sincere repentance and an intention to give up the way of shaytaan and rather follow the Straight Path

(6)     Parents role. Parents, especially mothers have a very important role to play in the upbringing of their children. Only a mother knows the pain and sorrow of seeing her beloved child being a slave to the evils of drugs. Every mother has hopes for her child , hopes that he/she will be healthy, educated, play a meaningful role in society and lead a happy life. Drugs destroy the dreams of every mother.

(7)     Make dua. Constant dua by all for all the Muslim youth in our community and throughout the world. We have a responsibility to look after our youth and protect them from the dangers of society. Our youth are our future.  Ameen.