Avoid getting hooked

Young people are vulnerable to influences of society , their friends, peer pressure, etc. Hence , a youngster may find that it is trendy to experiment with drugs and other unlawful acts of vice since ‘everyone’ does it and a little doesn’t harm. It gives a youth a feel good feeling and a sense of achievement and being grown up.

This is the lethal mistake that many young people make. Once the drug is tasted and the barrier of forbidden is broken, the pressure is always to continue with the feeling and excitement. It is coveted with a sense of achievement and bravery. Drug addiction dares one to deceive one’s parents and family and to get away with friends and fellow addicts. The thrill, excitement and high feeling makes a person more bold to continue on this newfound sense of greatness and fun.

On the other side there is a huge drug trade and industry that is daily looking for new clients and business. It is a highly sophisticated industry that is ruthless and runs into billions of dollars globally. Its primary objective is maximising of profits, irrespective of the consequences to society. Every young person is a target of this global onslaught and regrettably many get caught in the net of drugs and vices associated with it.

The strategy of the drug pushers and peddlers is to hook as many people a s possible and to maximise profits. There is an entire chain that runs from manufacture and supply, to delivery to end user. Every trick in the book is employed to lure innocent young  people to destroy their health and lives by getting into this life endangering cycle.  Some drug dealers are so ruthless that they distribute free sweets laced with drugs  to school children. The trick  is to give free drugs to unsuspecting people who will enjoy the temporary ecstasy of the drug. Once a person enjoys the feeling of being ‘high’ and elated he pursues the drug to repeat the feeling. This leads to addiction and he is now a customer hooked for life. Addiction is such that it makes one transcend all bounds of moral and sane behaviour. A person will then beg , borrow , steal , prostitute themselves , just to make sure that they have money to buy drugs for their next fix. It is a vicious cycle of crime, prostitution, family breakdown, social breakdown, community breakdown . It is for this reason that khamr (intoxicants) is known as the ‘mother of all evils.”

Parents schools and all concerned parties should involve themselves in educating the community and youth on the lifelong harms and evils of drug abuse and constantly support the youth and those trapped in this vicious cycle to abstain and help others abstain.