Symptoms of drug abuse

When a person starts the destructive journey of drugs, certain changes take place in his body and mind. He begins to behave abnormally and a change will be noticed in his behaviour, daily routine and social behaviour. Some  of the symptoms that point to a child, family member, or friend being addicted to drugs are the following :


    (a)    sudden mood changes

(b)    unexplained weight loss and loss of appetite

(c)     no interest in school , work or life

(d)    no longer any interest in themselves : no longer caring about personal hygiene, clothing and dressing ; always looking dishevelled

(e)    frequent prescription medication

(f)     depression and mood swings


If these signs are noticeable, it means the person needs help and support. It is not always easy to get confession from the victim and a great deal of wisdom and tact is required to help the person and make them realise the dangers of threading the slippery path of drugs and intoxicants