Please help my son

Q. I have a major problem. I have a 19 year son who is into every bad thing, He does drugs, smokes, drinks and steals. He will not work or study.

We have been to many people and they say he has a bad jinn and lots of taweez have been done on him. Please can you help me.

Allah Hafiz;

1.       Taweez and going to Aamils is not the solution to the problem. These sins have become very common amongst the youth. Some parents too don't 

want to get rid of TV's or monitor the company of their children.

2.       You should encourage him through some good persons in your locality to join friends with those who frequent the Musjid attend good programmes, 

etc. Take him to someone who can talk out of his evil actions explaining consequences. Get the book "Kicking the Habit", downloaded from same site or 

write giving your address to 30 Tarndale Avenue, Asherville, 4091. It’s free. Let him read as a prescription.

3.       Make lots of dua after 5 Namazes. Making dua for you and him.

Maulana Yunus Patel